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AeroWhip Soft Serve Ice Cream machines

Thank you for visiting the B&C REFRIGERATION “AEROWHIP” web page. 

The home of Australia’s only locally manufactured soft serve ice cream machine.

AEROWHIP soft serve ice cream machines are designed and built in Sydney Australia, and are specifically designed for the harsh conditions of a mobile ice cream van.  The machines have had the same basic layout for 30 years and the majority of these older machines are still in operation, generating income for their owners.

The main advantages of the AEROWHIP design are the robust construction, that is built to withstand the vibration and impacts of a van on the move and the flooded ice cream barrel which delivers perfect consistency in the mix, and a super fast recovery time after each sale.

Most other machines rely on a refrigerant filled copper tube wound around the outside of the ice cream barrel to deliver the cooling required to freeze the ice cream mix.  The “AEROWHIP” flooded design has the refrigerant liquid in direct contact with the full length of the barrel which radically improves heat transfer and therefore freezing time.

Two separate refrigeration systems combine to deliver ice cream and hold mix in the top tank at the optimum temperatures.  A small top tank cooling system fitted inside the machine, keeps the top tank cool while a separate much larger system provides the freezing power needed to keep up with the high freeze rates achieved by the flooded barrel.

A refrigerated top tank with night mode allows the mix waiting for sale to be kept at the perfect storage temperature both when in use and overnight, which reduces the need to clean out the top tank and barrel each and every day.  The night mode switch selects a second control strategy to maintain the mix in the top tank and barrel at optimum storage temperatures while the machine is in storage mode.  When night mode is switched off, the machine resumes normal operation and restarts the freezing mode required for ice cream production.

A refrigeration start proximity switch automatically starts the main freezing system once the serving handle is opened, so that the next ice cream is pre cooled ready to be served without delay, overriding the normal temperature sensing control logic which is always operating in the background.

Our electronic control system operates both refrigeration systems simultaneously, while it also monitors the main drive motor speed and barrel and top tank temperatures. 

The adjustable air jet system allows the operator to set up the perfect consistency in the ice cream by varying the amount of overrun (air that is injected into the mix during the freezing process).  Most other machines have a fixed air jet that cannot compensate for different brands of mix or different fat contents.  Once set, the air jet will require no further attention for that brand of mix.

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